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Protect your cards from wireless pick-pockets

The SkimSafe® RFID security card is the most secure way to prevent thieves using skimming technology to wirelessly steal your credit or debit card details

Europe’s #1 RFID Security Card

The SkimSafe® card is the No. 1 selling RFID protection device against contactless payment fraud in Europe to date

Protects up to 8 bank cards

The SkimSafe® card will protect any contactless enabled card within a 5cm range, meaning you’re covered up to 4 cards either side of the SkimSafe® card, so 8 cards in total

Only 0.8mm thin

At only 0.8mm thin, the SkimSafe® card fits neatly inside your wallet or purse for immediate protection

No batteries needed

The SkimPower® technology harnesses the power from the thief’s device, to create a forcefield meaning no batteries

Instant protection

Just keep the SkimSafe card together with the cards in your wallet or purse for immediate and unrivalled protection

Automatic power adjustment

The SkimSafe® card automatically adjusts the strength of its forcefield. The stronger the skimming signal, the stronger the protection



1x SkimSafe® Protective Card


Black / Red Design


Moulded Plastic


W: 87mm, H: 55mm, D: 0.8mm



Protection Type

Contactless Enabled Cards

Protection Range

4 cards either side, totalling 8 cards fully protected