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Heart – 6 SEP 2019

Shoppers are being warned about a scary new scam which allows criminals to steal contactless card information

A new video shows criminals stealing card details using a ‘skimming device’.

Daily Star – 6 SEP 2019

Chilling video shows how easy it is for card scammers to steal your money

The ‘scammers’ purchased a new iPhone with the stolen details.

Mail Online – 5 SEP 2019

Video shows how scammers armed with a skimming device steals contactless card data from shoppers

A pair of scammers have shown how easy it is to steal contactless card data using only a handheld skimming device and a laptop.

Daily Mirror – 15 NOV 2018

UK’s first fraud-proof bank card hits stores to block contactless scammers

Could this gadget protect your wallet from fraudsters trying to ‘skim’ your contactless card details?

The Sun – 27 NOV 2018

CYBER THREAT – Banks putting customers at risk of cyber attacks due to old IT systems

A new report from the financial watchdog suggests that outdated IT systems and a lack of training at financial companies could be putting customers at risk of cyber…

Metro – 22 NOV 2018

New tech we want

Apparently the UK has the highest level of card fraud in Europe. Scary thought. This protective slab of plastic makes sure you’re not a victim of wireless skimming, using interference signal technology that makes your cards impossible to scan.

Express – 28 NOV 2018

Bitcoin price news: Bitcoin SOARS above $4k – set for BIGGEST daily jump in 7 months TODAY

Björn Granberg, CEO of fraud protection business SkimSafe, added: “Bitcoin is a crypto currency and today there are more than 1900 different crypto currencies.

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