The card that gives total protection against wireless skimming

If someone tries to scan your cards, the SkimSafe® card is activated and creates a protective forcefield around all the contactless enabled cards in your wallet or purse.

Provides a protective forcefield around your contactless bank cards

Stops the incoming signal from thieves who use skimming devices

Store in your wallet or purse to protect your other cards

SkimPower® electromagnetic jamming technology

The SkimSafe® card protects up to 8 bank cards at once

Any contactless card within a 5cm range of the SkimSafe® card is protected from skimming


Protection range


Cards either side


Cards in total

Protecting contactless payment cards around the globe

The SkimSafe® card is Europe’s #1 protector against card skimming

Contactless card transactions are growing ever more popular which means our personal data is increasingly at risk of being stolen.

All of our cards are individually tested before going to market so you can be 100% safe in the knowledge that your SkimSafe® card will be functional from the second you place it in your wallet.

Super thin – as thin as your bank card

At only 0.8mm you can quickly and easily pop the SkimSafe® card into any wallet or purse.

Super thin - as thin as your bank card

Fuss-free protection

At only 0.8mm thin, the card is as thin as a credit or debit card and will fit perfectly into any wallet or purse

Instant protection

There’s no need to activate your card, you’re protected from the second you receive it and place it next to your RFID enabled cards.

Shop alarm & smart phone friendly

Unlike other card protectors, the SkimSafe® card won’t set off shop alarms or interfere with smartphones

What’s in a SkimSafe® card?

The SkimSafe® security card provides industry leading protection using the latest SkimPower® technology.

SkimSafe Card SkimSafe Technology


Our card uses highly sophisticated electromagnetic jamming technology that is used by the military.

Automatic Power Adjustment

The SkimSafe® card automatically adjust the forcefield strength, the stronger the skimming signal, the stronger the protection.

Slim Design

The SkimSafe® card is only 0.8mm thin so it fits quickly and easily in to your wallet for immediate card protection.


Protects up to 8 RFID enabled cards from wireless pickpocketing (card skimming), making it impossible for criminals to steal your details.

No battery

The built in SkimPower® technology harnesses the power from the thief’s device, to create a forcefield. Therefore no batteries are required.


Just keep your SkimSafe® card together with the cards in your wallet for unrivalled protection for up to 8 RFID enabled cards.

How does the SkimSafe® card compare to other RFID protectors?

Unlike our competitors, we’re completely transparent and won’t bend or inflate the claims behind our product. We can prove 100% of our technology.

Features RFID Wallets SkimSafe® Card RFID Sleeves Blocking Card

No. of cards protected

4 8 1 1

Does not effect mobile devices

Fits all wallets

Minimum 5 Year Life Span

Individual Function Test

24/7 Phone Assistant