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Protect your cards from wireless pick-pockets

The SkimSafe® RFID security card is Europe’s No1 protection against wireless skimming. Prevent thieves using new technology to wirelessly steal your credit or debit card details

Security Card


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Why do I need a SkimSafe® card?

If like the majority of people living in the UK you have a contactless card, then your bank details are at risk of being stolen by wireless pick-pockets

If your bank cards have this symbol, you are at risk

Contactless cards contain a chip that stores and transmits your card details wirelessly to a card reader when making a contactless payment.

Whilst this makes our every day lives’ more convenient, criminals are taking advantage of this technology by using scanners (skimming devices) to scan your card in the same way; stealing your card details and money.

These scanners can be easily hidden in a pocket or bag leaving victims none the wiser. You won’t even know you’ve become a victim of skimming until you check your bank statements and see unrecognised transactions on your account.

The SkimSafe® card explained

Find out everything you need to know about the SkimSafe® card and how it can protect you from wireless skimming

How criminals use skimming devices

How the SkimSafe® Card works

The SkimSafe® card protects up to 8 bank cards at once

Any contactless card within a 5cm range of the SkimSafe® card is protected from skimming


Protection range


Cards either side


Cards in total

How does the SkimSafe® card compare to other RFID protectors?

Unlike our competitors, we’re completely transparent and won’t bend or inflate the claims behind our product. We can prove 100% of our technology.

Features RFID Wallets SkimSafe® Card RFID Sleeves Blocking Card

No. of cards protected

4 8 1 1

Does not effect mobile devices

Fits all wallets

Minimum 5 Year Life Span

Individual Function Test

24/7 Phone Assistant

Super thin – as thin as your bank card

At only 0.8mm you can quickly and easily pop the SkimSafe® card into any wallet or purse.

Super thin - as thin as your bank card

Europe’s #1 RFID Security Card

The SkimSafe® card is the No. 1 selling RFID protection device against contactless payment fraud in Europe to date

Protects up to 8 bank cards

The SkimSafe® card will protect any contactless enabled card within a 5cm range, meaning you’re covered up to 4 cards either side of the SkimSafe® card, so 8 cards in total

Only 0.8mm thin

At only 0.8mm thin, the SkimSafe® card fits neatly inside your wallet or purse for immediate protection

No batteries needed

The SkimPower® technology harnesses the power from the thief’s device, to create a forcefield meaning no batteries

Instant protection

Just keep the SkimSafe card together with the cards in your wallet or purse for immediate and unrivalled protection

Automatic power adjustment

The SkimSafe® card automatically adjusts the strength of its forcefield. The stronger the skimming signal, the stronger the protection



1x SkimSafe® Protective Card


Black / Red Design


Moulded Plastic


W: 87mm, H: 55mm, D: 0.8mm



Protection Type

Contactless Enabled Cards

Protection Range

4 cards either side, totalling 8 cards fully protected