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RFID Security Card

Unrivalled RFID protection against wireless pickpocketing

  • Protects up to 8 bank cards Protects up to 8 bank cards

  • Fits discretely in your wallet or purse Fits discretely in your wallet or purse

  • SkimPower<sup>®</sup> forcefield technology SkimPower® forcefield technology

4.5 out of 5

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Protect your cards from wireless pick-pockets

The SkimSafe® RFID security card is the most secure way to prevent thieves using skimming technology to wirelessly steal your credit or debit card details

Provides a protective forcefield around your contactless bank cards

Stops the incoming signal from thieves who use skimming devices

Store in your wallet or purse to protect your other cards

SkimPower® electromagnetic jamming technology

Super thin – as thin as your bank card

At only 0.8mm you can quickly and easily pop the SkimSafe® card into any wallet or purse.

Super thin - as thin as your bank card
Fuss-free protection

At only 0.8mm thin, the card is as thin as a credit or debit card and will fit perfectly into any wallet or purse

Instant protection

There’s no need to activate your card, you’re protected from the second you receive it and place it next to your RFID enabled cards.

Why do I need a SkimSafe® card?

If like the majority of people living in the UK you have a contactless card, then your bank details are at risk of being stolen by wireless pick-pockets

If your bank cards have this symbol, you are at risk

Contactless cards contain a chip that stores and transmits your card details wirelessly to a card reader when making a contactless payment.

Whilst this makes our every day lives’ more convenient, criminals are taking advantage of this technology by using scanners (skimming devices) to scan your card in the same way; stealing your card details and money.

These scanners can be easily hidden in a pocket or bag leaving victims none the wiser. You won’t even know you’ve become a victim of skimming until you check your bank statements and see unrecognised transactions on your account.


Of card fraud is by remote purchase

£506 million

Stolen via remote purchase fraud (UK, 2018)


Increase in remote purchase fraud (% change 2017/2018)

2.05 million

Bank accounts defrauded in the UK (2018)

Source = UK Finance: Fraud the facts 2019, The definitive overview of payment industry fraud.

The SkimSafe® card explained

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How criminals use skimming devices

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