Stop contactless scammers with the SkimSafe card

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Protect your money
with the SkimSafe® card

The SkimSafe card looks just like your regular bank card. It sits alongside your other cards, protecting them whilst you’re not using them. When someone tries to skim your card details using contactless technology, a built in jamming device is automatically activated that creates a protective forcefield around your payment cards making it impossible for a thief to obtain your card details.

What is contactless skimming?

When a criminal wirelessly scans your contactless bank cards and then uses your personal card information to shop online, it is known as contactless skimming. Your contactless bank cards are easy and convenient for you…but also for thieves who can exploit contactless technology. As easy as it is for you to pay via contactless in the store, it is also just as easy for a thief to wirelessly tap your cards. All it takes is a mobile phone or scanner, and thieves can steal all your card details from up to a 1 metre distance away, giving them everything that is needed to shop online. With your personal bank card details in hand, they can easily spend all of the money in your account.

Key figures


Of all card frauds are purchases online with stolen card details

£506 million

Lost via online purchases with stolen card details (UK, 2018)


Increase in card frauds 2018

2.05 million

Bank accounts defrauded in the UK (2018)