Making security simple

We develop innovative security products and services that makes you feel secure in your everyday life.


Sold & trusted by Europe’s biggest retailers

We have partnered with some of the UK and Europe’s most trustworthy brands including John Lewis, Clas Ohlson, Media Markt and My Memory.


Rigorous testing ensures we stay ahead of the bad guys

Rest assured that the product you’re holding has been thoroughly tested and is CE Marked and Approved.


Making security simple, while working sustainably

Sustainability permeates everything we do and we take our responsibility in ensuring that the way we work is sustainable, below are a few of our initiatives:

Part of the Zero Waste Directive

We are part of the Zero Waste Directive which aims to ensure that our products and packages are recycled and reused.

CO2 Reduction Initiatives

We compensate our climate footprint by CO2 reduction initiatives

Minimising Climate Impact

We maximise the use of renewable materials in our manufacturing, ensuring that we minimise the climate impact

Following Local Laws

We do our utmost to ensure that everyone in our supply chain follow local laws regarding safety, environment and working conditions.

Regular Inspections

We regularly inspect all of our manufacturing partners, using independent third party inspectors.

Supporting ‘Hand-In-Hand’

We support the non-profit Hand in Hand​ that works to ​eradicate poverty in communities by helping ​grassroots entrepreneurs turn their skills and potential into jobs.


“We want you to feel secure in your everyday life”

Our Values


We design and develop new solutions to new problems. The problems we’re solving are inherent to the digital age living in. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s not about knowing what you know but learning what you don’t know. We dare to be different and have a constant desire for renewal, and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.

“Our first product, the SkimSafe® security card, protects against payment card fraud. We are currently working on solving the problems of tomorrow.”


We are passionate about making people feel secure in their everyday life. We value passionate team players and we encourage personal development. With a passionate and determined mindset, everything is possible. Our team consist of people with a diverse background, united by their passion to help others feel secure.

“Our passionate team work hard every day to bring you the best solutions to tomorrow’s problems”


We take pride in leading the way in consumer security. We deliver our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for the results. Our team lead by example, with an open mind and with the customer in focus.

“Our brand ambassadors has visited over 200 retailers’ stores to provide them with tools and support to create the best customer experience.”

Customer Centric

We know that if we focus on the customer, all else will follow. Our customers decides what decisions we need to make. We strive to provide proactive customer service and devoted support in all we do. We do this by having an open and honest communication and relationship with our customers.

“We’re proud that our customers value us and that we have a Net Promoter Score of 75%. Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions 24/7.”